His fantasy is related more to magic and mysticism. The paintings are imbued with light and magic. Monsters, muscular knights and hottest battles are very rare on his paintings, but you can fully enjoy the scenery of picturesque worlds, amazing and very beautiful creatures, elves, ghostly beings, and ancient goddess. His art is very positive, which is quite rare in the fantasy genre. For all fans of the fantastic painting it will be nice to get to know the good and the light side of fictional worlds.

Gilbert Williams is an American artist born in 1950. He lives and works in California. The artist is a self-taught, and he learned the basics and secrets of painting alone. To feel the mood of creativity, learn something new, master the technique and so on, as a child he visited museums and exhibitions. This passion has allowed him to develop his own style and become one of the most famous artists- visionaries of our time. He works mainly with acrylic and oil. His paintings are always imbued with mystical light and emit something quite ethereal, spiritual, and even ancient.

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