In his work he uses a variety of materials, including: acrylic, ink, gouache, and others. Alex Pardee is known as an illustrator of printed materials, music albums (In Flames, Street Drum Corps, Kid Robot, etc, etc.), and animated characters.

Psychedelic has always been on the verge between such genres as science fiction, surrealism, symbolism and even realism. We can say that this is a kind of study of the psyche and not the brightest of its sides. The psyche and the deep subconscious thoughts sometimes give rise to human monsters and unusual images. Any psychologist or author of surreal or psychedelic works is sure that such crazy images live in the mind of every person.

Alex Pardee jokes that he uses his psychogenic art as self treatment. Although there are different monsters in his works, yet they hardly can be attributed to the normal fantasy, because both characters with unusual appearance and atmosphere are something very distant from reality, more like an abstract reality of a parallel peace or unexpectedly bright and clear picture of the deep sleep.

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